Central Slovak-5 certain see the place of the heart of Slovak

Slovak such than the cloth pull Si pull tile many many with that Gao the Tatras be a tour of common of Slovak destination approach from abroad. Have actually so many at nation everywhere do and see, with have no more such exceed in the central Slovak.

Particularly have 5 place which you should be certain to necessarily visit, if you are in the district now trip:

1). Banska Bystrica

The Banska Bystrica has most one of the town exact square of beauty in all Slovak and is to a city to feel just full to overflow culture. Having most church, museum and art gallery is a detection with an add bright area to anily visit is a good SNP museum, this be the affairs prospect in World War II which present to present to come from Slovak.

The sightseeing in a busy day, assurance after the main exact square win of a sit in seat of honor most coffee shop mesa and relax with a penal sum one meal and place wine.

2). Donovaly

That skiing the Donovaly of the plank resort is public one whole year with at that spring and summer month manufacturing completion type place is on foot or only and movingly in the breathtaking scenery. The fun arena of resort has some stick of adrenal gland vegetable attraction enjoy, include spring coil of play the net, heavy rope center, a climb wall peace the bottom sledge rush.

3). Dolny Kubin

The Dolny Kubin is beyond all doubtly one of the most attractive towns in all Slovak.Be located on in a valley with with astonishing visual field mountain from in the town of surroundings everywhere, it brag two skiing plank center, an art gallery, a museum, a bird give up with a not and usually of wood system bridge, which be apart from Orava river.

4). Kremnica

Famously for its mint, which there is creation coin since 14 centuries, the Kremnica be a joyful town of the heart of Slovak. There is some very interesting museum, display Chu town of full of past, together with one epidemic column and Kremnica fortress.

Assurance you flower time go to visit some inside of a small village north Kremnica, think the Kremnicke is a poison. This is the center of geography of Europe and a small Bian be over to the monastery marking that true of location.

5). Bojnice

If you then can attain to one place in the central Slovak, then the assurance be a Bojnice.By it of the mineral spring, zoo, fly falcon catch to hunt, nursery tale fortress and the most ancient tree of nation, this a little town is to be filled up tour holy land. The tree bordered boulevard lead decision to have at the fortress some penal sum restaurant, one person food with good meal at very reasonable of price, such do not need to be take a packing lunch.


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