Ex- palace of 5 of gold triangle

Taj Mahal

The gold triangle of Taj Mahal at India of beauty’s ising any day off to add bright area and sunrise is that had better time see this incredible building. The Taj is a palace; It is a magnificent grave and thing like by his 14 cuckoldry king Jahan appoint dead during the period of childbearing. It is a structure 22 year period 間 with construct completely from the white man marble; Inner part half-the precious rock guard lead to the entrance of grave.Taj Mahal is a that seven astonishment world and certain persuasion ample take a gold of triangle tour in India surroundings stroll.

Fatehpur Sikri

This city marvellously depravity of at 1585 isn’t easy understanding of reason. However, palace and the mosque still keep and consider as city to be located on Agra suburb on, nearly to the Taj Mahal, it is a that is main part a little bit stop in India surroundings of a gold of triangle tour up.Be located on in the mosque opposite of Salim Chisti of the grave be a pilgrimage point is passion house, request this time teach of the wish of saint Tu with search them of practice hope by bind a red of the line is over there on marble screen grave, relax them with that promise of line once they of hope have is realization.

LOTUS temples

Not and allly at India of palace is time immemorial of, and LOTUS temples, in 1986 completion, is to India of gold triangle of latest additional. It consider as the hall of Bahai adoration formal have already know, but it of the LOTUS shape have Zheng of it be that more widespread and second-hand nickname, LOTUS temples. LOTUS temples is open of go to all of ignore religion and everybody ability the rightness limitted of they of God go to pray of a place just. The marvellously ample LOTUS temples have, have surmounted visitor numeral to the Taj Mahal and the Eiffel tower forward since 2002, just in the world make it become most visit of tour one of the holy lands.

Amber fort

Taking an elephant tour decision at the Jaipur amber fort is a those Indian’s experience which just must is once experiment of at India of a gold of triangle day off up.The elephant embark limits of the earth, Maotha lake of accept the Jaipur with first of city wall, and let you of the painting take to in a short while ride a these mammoth beasts and must be a the thing trophy that must own. As soon as you of the elephant extension be that amber fort, the hall mirror add one of the bright areas here, consider as hall, manufacturing completely from smallest of complications mirror, may is completely become bright at with top only one candle.

The palace of breeze

In the palace of the breeze estrade in the pottery tile-the color Jaipur City with is a design drive Lal Chand Usta, likeness that crown be that Indian God and Shi in the Qi be that absolute being.Though it of name, the building isn’t original a palace and change to constitute first of city palace of constitute part construct at 1799. It of first intention will allow a that opportunity of the woman of royal house girl’s bedroom didn’t was see on the street of the Jaipur the Xi Xi Rang Rang by the native of the place observation life. This five layer palace have 953 window with circulate of light breeze these give that building of name.Big part at India of the day off of the gold triangle be over here with it of the notable beauty make it become completion type place to the right to speak again see.


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