Malta Diving Holidays

In 2009 March, be called were give by the hurl of’dive’ of international magazine of about 35,000 reader’s that top dive world of destination. This year, the island of Malta, that Mediterranean place a consider as that top European diving destination.Get the person of position three at in the world, before only have drive Egypt and the Maldive Islands are in the nations of the category, that a little certificate of the island have so much arrive suggest with certain merit that praise. In the Malta tourist business the word of the authorities, “at Malta and Gozo surroundings of the water is to be subjected to wish of have rock of reef, ocean hole, many fleet life with that wreckage ship from Malta of full of the history of sea- With such variety dive concentration of at smallest of island nation of surroundings it is no wonder that the island gave with that together praise of honor.”

Malta brag public demonstration of coast line with immerse, perpendicular of overhanging cliff- Together with the sea beach- At underneath which may seek marvellous arched door, hole, tunnel and rock formation. Marfa point or Cirkewwa is an instance, is this good conduct example both, dive possibility where follow behind a natural person in the water of contour line in maps. That Mediterranean ocean from clear of constitute the water of blue and minority tide perhaps flow out to flow with extensive of the fleet become life of the whole medical science therapy of factor of dive experience.Perhaps the benefits of one stick is that all of the islands in this circumstance and make to dive to become day off worthy of spend time on a certain meaning that ability cover most parts of attraction within several days ever since that time each thing be to Be located on be over-drive.

At you of Malta period detection ship wreckage dive

Have at the island of surroundings is Be located on of some wreckage, both of in flurry escape with first of. The position of strategy of the Malta that is in the Mediterranean and it place a good port leading to flow into a time immemorial transportation at it of surroundings coast. Result, also have the wreckage in time immemorial which is a protection drive law, whose historic relic still on the bottom of sea obviously of.Because international dive of inflow both of one professional and amateur nature, have already have most project arrive coal hod new of ship- Seem now of the old navy existence replace- The creation is new of dive position. Just as this of project drive luck of outside few year ago, be Gozo ferry is in flurry escape. Unfortunately project develop trouble be that ferry overthrow at that period procedure, and now certificate is an equal dangerous position not a leisurely and carefree of dive position. These situation however very thin have. ‘Rozi’ the harbor lug-ship be the most vivid an ever since that time it complete sit erection of at 36 meter of depth. The other wreckage include a World War II, seem a HMS accident gross profit person, which probably and most popular the wreckage is on the island, Carolita sampan with certainly is the cloth Lun sea Mu of a small airplane bomber, with different ship.

Gozo, the sister island of Malta already beginning development consider as an all whole years diving destination after ~ winter very geniality of- The likeness arrive one British summer- With ability see historic relic good conduct very. It in addition is mutually being apart from have no of as long as 20 minutes of the Gozo place to have with coast.

Total, if there are more than 35 diving position long-lostly, the surroundings is at that coast. The Malta catalogue include Rozi wreckage, Marfa point, Cirkewwa arched door, L-Ahrax of point, the saint protect of island, the HMS gross profit person’s wreckage, Carolita sampan wreckage, cloth Lun sea Mu bomber airplane, Delimara point, Wied iz- Zurrieq, Ghar Lapsi and anchor man gulf.Some surroundings which dive position in the Gozo include Xlendi hole, Xlendi reef, fungi rock, crocodile rock and coral hole, blue hole and chimney, mulberry river Dimitri point, the Ghasri valley, Billingshurst hole, Reqqa point, double arched door reef, the Xatt L-Ahmar, Fessej rock and Il-Kantra. And end, some position of Comino include Comino hole, lantern point and Cominotto reef.


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